Building Sales Capability Programs


Guiding Eagles’ Building Sales Capability Programs incorporates best practices in selling, and are customized to the specific needs of the organizations, so that ideas and concepts are integrated to the workplace to create practical value.


The key building blocks that are incorporated into the programs are:


  • Cultivating the Mindset – defining what is needed in having a “Sales Mindset”
  • Laying the Foundation – modelling what top sales people do, the fundamental skills of selling
  • Implementing the Sales Concepts in the Workplace – bringing in key selling best practices, models and applying them in the context of the organization
  • Advancing the Skills – introducing the Strategic Account Management and building on the Key Account Management concept, tying it in with sales tools and methodologies
  • Assessment and Review – evaluate what has been applied in the workplace, ensuring that the learning has been institutionalized and creating the impact
  • Continuous Improvement – specific development on an as needs basis
  • Application and Reinforcement – built in at each stage of the learning to ensure that individuals are taking steps in making the shift in what they do and how they do it.

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