Change Management Programs


Building Change Resilience – A Self Mastery Program


As organizational changes are constant, it is important that individuals develop their own capability to deal with changes The Building Change Resilience – a Self Mastery Program is designed to help individuals to build Change Resilience, so that they are able to successfully work with change. This is targeted to individuals, who are affected by change, and for whom it is important to have the proper mindset and adopt the required skill sets to effectively deal with change, and capitalize the potential opportunity of a change situation.


Building Change Resilience – A Change Leader’s Program


An organization’s ability to successfully move with change, and respond quickly to the needs of the market, is a critical competency in today’s world. Building organizational Change Resilience is the modern day leader’s challenge and priority. This program helps Leaders to develop Change Resilience at the Leadership Level.

This program takes participants through a learning experience, which brings to life some of the issues in organizational change, highlighting the need for balance between achieving business results as well as managing complex people issues that impacts productivity. It builds awareness in leaders as to how change impacts the organization, as well as the skills and leadership competencies that are required in driving change. Participants will learn the essentials skills and tools for managing change and have a first hand experience of applying the learning by in simulated change situations.


A Change Leader's Tool Kit

Change is a process and not a one-off event, it involves a number of stages

  • Laying The Foundation
  • Setting The Direction
  • Implementation
  • Consolidation And Building Sustainability
  • Evaluation

Guiding Eagles create a comprehensive tool kit for leaders to pay attention to the many dimensions of change. It is specially designed to fit the needs of the client’s own change situation.

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