Executive Coaching Program


”Learning Creates No Lasting Impact When People Don't Change Their Thoughts And Actions”


To create the impact that the individuals and organizations are looking for, Guiding Eagles’ Executive Coaching Programs adopts the Behaviour- Based Coaching Model, which looks beyond the symptoms and appearances of the core issues that affects the individuals’ behaviours, getting to the root cause that affects individual, team and organizational performance.


Our Executive Coaching Programs are tailored to the different levels and needs of the organization, for example:

    • CEOs and Senior Executives
    • Functional Leaders
    • High Potential Leaders
    • Leaders as Change Agents

Through a series of personalized one-on-one interactions between the Coachee and Coach, the Executive Coach provides insight, information, tools, guidance and feedback, to accelerate the development of the individual, and build leadership effectiveness. Enabling the individuals to achieve his/her ability to change, learn, fulfil their potential and achieve their goals.

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