Leadership Development Programs


At Guiding Eagles, we do not believe in one-size fits all. Each company operating in their individual market arena faces different challenges and different cultural issues; as such their implications require consideration.


Guiding Eagles customize our programs according to the needs of our clients; we pay attention to the client’s unique culture and values.


Guiding Eagles’ Leadership Development Programs are designed to address different target groups of an organization’s talent pool e.g.

  • High Potentials being groomed for future Leadership Roles.
  • Managers moving to locations where there are bigger operations.
  • Managers who experience role changes, they are required to manage more people, manage a bigger organization; their jobs are getting more complex.
  • Managers who need to adopt a new management style that allows them to effectively manage new challenges.

For more information about Guiding Eagles’ Leadership Development Programs, please contact one of Guiding Eagles Consultants