Building Organizational Sales Capability


SALES is a highly visible function in organization that leaves no room for complacency, and yet most companies know surprisingly little about the unique blend of behaviours and motivation that creates sales success.” – Management Research Group


In today’s business world, the role of selling is no longer confined to sales people. Selling has become an important competency across the organization. Whether one is required to directly interact with clients, or is indirectly supporting the selling; whether one has a formal sales role or not, developing a “Sales Mindset” is important in any function and position. This is even more important as one progresses in the organization, and especially critical for CEOs, Business Owners, Partners, and Executives who engages clients/stakeholders at strategic levels.


Selling is a process that includes multiple activities. Each facet has its own challenges and requires different Skills. There are both the Behavioural as well as the Process aspects to consider.


Guiding Eagles’ Holistic Approach to Building Sales Capability looks at creating the right solution to help organizations build sales capability that match their specific business needs.