Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is a partnership between a Leader, an Executive Coach, and the Sponsoring Organization, aimed to enhance individual learning and development while achieving agreed-upon business goals.


An Executive Coach works with Executives, supporting the individuals' Executive Professional Development, by increasing the individual's self-awareness and, building and modifying their personal and professional skills to ultimately drive long-term organizational success. Focusing on unleashing the individuals' strengths, examining and working through what could get in the way, developing strategic thinking skills, broadening their interpersonal and influencing competencies, etc.


Some Examples of Organizational Situations where Coaching Assignments can be Effective:


  • Executive assuming an international role and dealing with the challenges of a trans-cultural environment.
  • Leaders in Transition – e.g. moving to a new role, or significant change in current role.
  • Leaders operating in a volatile, high-change environment.
  • High Potentials / Succession – need for accelerated development of individuals identified as having leadership traits necessary for success in the future.
  • Transitioning Individuals from Technical / Functional positions to Leadership Roles.
  • Supporting Executives in improving their effectiveness in targeted skill areas.
  • Grooming of an individual for new areas of responsibility.


Guiding Eagles’ Executive Coaching Programs are designed to help Executives enhance their leadership effectiveness within the context of their unique situation.


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