Talent Management


Why Is Talent Management Important?


“The War for Talent” has been widely discussed, written about and accepted for the last 10 years. The new reality is that for an organization to survive and to grow, it must face up to this challenge. “The War for Talent” is real, and it is here.


Talent is the most important source of competitive advantage in this new economy. Effective talent practices are a fundamental competitive lever in the global knowledge economy. Human capital management is not a human resources function; rather, it is a critical new set of business skills for leaders throughout the enterprise.1


Some of the “Talent Imperatives” 2 that have been documented as essential are:


  1. Instilling a talent mindset at all levels of the organization beginning at top leadership
  2. Create “extreme” employee value propositions (EVPs) which includes
    • Great company
    • Great leaders
    • Great job
    • Attractive compensation
  3. Build a high-performance culture that combines a strong performance ethic with an open and trusting environment
  4. Recruit great talent continuously
  5. Develop people to their full potential
  6. Make room for talent to grow
  7. Focus on retaining high performers


Guiding Eagles’ Talent Management Services


We help clients to create winning strategies for talent management based on the “TALENT IMPERATIVES”, to help shape client’s organization to be the  “EMPLOYER OF CHOICE” , so as to attract, retain, develop talent for now and for the future

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1“Business Implications of the New Reality” – research by Birkman International and Stanton Chase International
2 Excerpted by the magazine “Fast Company” summary of the McKinsey report “The War for Talent”