Case Studies


1. Integrated Leadership Development Project

The Company: Top US Multi-national durable goods company

Challenge: Localization and Succession, New Leader/New Team, Aggressive Growth Agenda

What Guiding Eagles Did – helped the China operations to build leadership capability over a period of 9 - 12 months by means of top team development, followed by a leadership development process that includes, defining a success leadership profile based on their specific business needs, leadership assessment and feedback, customized leadership programs with follow up learning labs and executive coaching for top executives.

Result: Executives and managers were able to lead in a style that was more attuned to the business needs and the company's culture, they were able to be more effective in managing their people (the staff turnover rate lowered), as well as making the shift from a supporting role of the global business to leading initiatives and to effectively influence their international stakeholders.


2. Executive Coaching

The Company: A large privately own manufacturing company with multiple plants and operations in China.

Challenge: The company has no leadership development process in place, the management team has risen through the ranks with in-depth technical/industry knowledge but having little exposure to leadership concepts and best practices, faces problems in key businesses due to the economic downturn

What Guiding Eagles Did – Coached the Presidents of the 4 key lines of business and their direct reports, specifically to help key leaders to look at how to turn around the business, and improve their leadership so as to take the business forward

Results: The Leaders were able to effectively make critical decisions, manage the performance, which led to improved business results.


3. Coaching Sales Teams

Company: A well established US Financial Institution

Challenge: Chinese Sales team unable to sell effectively to key accounts in China, and manage their US counterparts.

What Guiding Eagles Did: Brought in diagnostics to get to the root cause of their problem, customize a program to help the team to address their unique situation, particularly the business culture and the selling context in China, working on the behavioral side of selling to help the sales team to overcome their challenge.

Result: Team was able to sell effectively and established meaningful key account relationships, methodologies were integrated into their key account management process.

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